Are you bored and unsure of your purpose and next step? Trust me, we were too, that’s why we created I-Lead Abby. If you are 14 – 21 and thinking about this very question, then I-Lead Abby is a great place to start and find direction. We have a team of artists, dancers, musicians, and DJ’s who want to create a 21st century environment for you guys. What makes us different? It wasn’t long that we were in the same boat as you. We’re here to make that next step in your journey a simpler one. 


So how will we engage youth through the arts?

If you’re a youth or young adult interested in pursing a future in the following: Art, Music, Dance, Business, Engineering, Photography/Videography, Design, or any sort of philanthropy, then this is a place where you can be a part of events and educational table talks that help to motivate and educate you in your field of interest.

Homework Club

Need a space to get some homework done? 

I-Lead Abby is the place for you! We will be offering homework clubs in order for youth to have a safe, clean and cool environment to get some work done! We will have mentors available on-site to help you with any issues or problems you may have!


Please sign-up below if a homework club is a program that interests you! 


Are you a youth interested in the music industry? Lucky you! I-Lead Abby has connections with many talented artists in the industry. From learning how to sing to playing an instrument, I-Lead has many potential courses to offer. We also may just offer courses in DJ'ing.


Let us know if the music and the industry is a topic or class you'd be interested in seeing. 


Are you a youth that's interested in the arts? Like subjects such as Painting, Drawing, Photography, Design (Fashion, Graphic, Interior etc.), Film/Video, Sculpture, Dance and Drama? Sign up below if you would like to find out about our coming Art Activities and Classes.


Please let us know what you'd like to see and participate in at I-Lead Abby.


Got a love for the game? Want some more training or one-on-one experience? 

I-Lead Abby has an array of athlete mentors. If you're looking at stepping up your game and want to participate in some classes, training and workshops, let us know what sport your interested in and we will work on bringing a mentor in that sport to I-Lead Abby! 

Please sign-up below! 

Business Mentorship

Are you looking to start your own business one day? Look no further! I-Lead Abby is here to help. We have an array of mentors of all walks of life willing to help you out and lead you in the right direction of starting your own business. 


Please let us know if you would like to learn more about business and becoming an entrepreneur at I-Lead Abby. 

Health & Fitness

Is your health important for you? Well it should be! Clean eating and healthy living is important for youth (and anyone for that matter) to start their days! From healthy meals to physical activity and exercise, we could bring in professionals to help you know what to do!


If this is something you'd like to learn more about, please let us know! 

Other Classes, Events and Clubs

Is there something else you'd like to participate in thats not listed below? 

Please give us some feedback on classes and events you'd like to see and participate in. We have a lot of individuals of all fields of work that are willing to help and teach youth how to excel. 

Click the button below and let us know! 



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